Best Green Paint to Use

KNOx It Out of the Air

A paint called Boysen KNOxOUT  is able to filter out nitrogen oxides from the air. The chemical within the paint reacts with sunlight and water vapor making it absorb NOx at a rate of about 20 percent. KNOxOUT contains CristalActiv photocatalytic technology that absorbs energy from light and transforms ordinary water vapor into free radicals, which then break down noxious air pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), that come into contact with the surface. Boysen KNOxOUT also has a self-cleaning feature that keeps painted surfaces looking fresh while other surfaces turn grey from air pollution.

The scientists that developed the paint say that one square foot of the paint absorbs the same amount of pollution as a full-grown tree. The city is painting 11,000 square feet of murals, which means the city will see the same air quality benefits as if they planted 11,000 trees. Cities in the U.S., especially somewhere like Los Angeles and New York that suffers from its own heavy share of smog and air pollution, could benefit from a little of this paint as well.